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About Pregnancy Services

Experience Comprehensive Pregnancy Support: At The Vagina Docs, we take an interdisciplinary approach to empower individuals throughout their pregnancy journey. Our integrated services combine manual therapy techniques, movement retraining, and targeted exercises to help people of all genders navigate pregnancy with ease and prepare for a positive delivery experience.

We understand that pregnancy brings about changes in the body, including muscle stretching, ligament softening, and shifts in posture, which can often result in pain and discomfort. Our dedicated team of pelvic health physical therapists provides specialized care to keep you active and pain-free during pregnancy.

Our pregnancy wellness sessions go beyond just addressing immediate concerns. We provide personalized one-on-one guidance to help you prepare for childbirth, minimize pelvic floor and abdominal wall impairments, and lay the foundation for postpartum healing. We believe that the effort invested during pregnancy contributes to enhanced resilience during labor and delivery, as well as a smoother recovery afterward.

Whether you're seeking relief from pregnancy-related discomfort or aiming to optimize your overall pregnancy experience, our interdisciplinary approach ensures that you receive comprehensive support tailored to your unique needs. Trust The Vagina Docs to be your partner in navigating pregnancy with confidence and preparing for a positive postpartum journey.

Pregnancy Conditions We Treat

  • Pelvic girdle pain

  • Sacroiliac joint pain

  • Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)

  • Low Back Pain

  • Hip Pain 

  • Groin Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Coccyx/Tailbone pain

  • Pelvic organ prolapse

  • Pelvic floor pain

  • Pelvic floor strengthening

  • Birth preparation

  • Abdominal Pain or Weakness

  • Round Ligament pain

  • Urinary Leakage

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Prepare for a smooth and confident labor and delivery and postpartum healing by scheduling your initial exam with our experts, ensuring a healthy pregnancy journey & speedy recovery.

"After seeing many of my friends have pelvic floor dysfunction during post partum recovery due to the birthing experience, I decided to take their advice and look for a pelvic floor therapist during my pregnancy and NOT after (I didn't want to play catch-up). It was clear to me that while I couldn't anticipate all that would happen during my delivery I could get in thr best shape possible to be as prepared as I could be.

Going to the Vagina Doc was the best choice I made in choosing a pelvic floor therapist for the reasons stated above. Her experience with athletes and athletic training and conditioning paired seamlessly with her focus on women's health specific to pregnancy and birth. After going through sessions with her I recovered from giving birth very quickly. I was walking with minimal to no pain the day after delivery (I labored without pain medication for about 18 hours previous to my urgent c-section), and while I needed to be more patient with my recovery I was chomping at the bit to be active with my little one as soon as possible.

Being healthy and feeling capable has been a priceless experience while taking care of a newborn and I can attribute most of this to how acive I stayed and the work I did with the Vagina doc during my pregnancy. I encourage anyone who has the means to prep for delivery and post partum recovery with the vagina doc. Pregnancy, delivery and post partum recovery are a marathon that may be unpredictable but training will prepare you to be capable and feel as strong as you possible can!"

Sirandon J

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