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Experience a Pain-Free Pregnancy, Shorter Labor, Easier Delivery & Smoother Healing Postpartum

So much focus is around the baby. From the gender reveal, to baby showers, to routine check with your OB/Midwife. But what about you and YOUR body? Your health is important too. Nine months is a long time. There is so much you can do NOW versus waiting until you have problems. Don't let anyone convince you that symptoms like pain and/or leakage during pregnancy is normal, working with a pelvic floor physical therapist is a waste of time, or that pushing will come naturally.

Take Charge of Your Body Throughout Your Pregnancy

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Don't Go Unprepared

What You Can Expect to Learn By Completing The Vagina Docs Pregnancy Video Education Series

Part I: The Deep Core - Your Body's Natural Pregnancy Support
>Navigating changes to your abdomen & pelvic floor 
>The functions of the deep core
>How to breathe optimally with your diaphragm
>How to properly connect to your transversus abdominis 
>How to connect to your pelvic floor 
>How to relax your pelvic floor

Part II: How To Push Without Major Injury To Your Pelvic Floor 
>The common methods of pushing
>Pelvic floor friendly pushing methods

Part III: Reducing Labor Length & Risk of Tearing
>The impact of soft tissue flexibility on the baby's passage through the birth canal.
>The role of bodywork in assisting baby's passage through the birth canal.

Pregnant Woman
I saw Jocelyn throughout my pregnancy and up until 4 months post partum. This is hands down the best decision I made for myself and my baby. The knowledge and skills/techniques I gained from her changed my entire pregnancy/delivery journey. My pain went away where I was able to actually be comfortable throughout my pregnancy. She taught me how to breath in a more functional way, how to safely and beneficially workout throughout my pregnancy, and gave me tips/tools on how to properly push during my delivery. I am a first time mom, and to say I was scared beyond belief to deliver my baby is an understatement. Even though I had amazing nurses, it was ultimately the advice and tools from Jocelyn that prepared me for delivery.

Beckie D

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