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Pelvic floor physical therapy

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation &

Chiropractic Care

Why Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?

The Vagina Docs specialize in helping you live your life leak-proof and pain free without medications or surgery…So that you can MOVE, FEEL, and LOOK your best in every stage of your life.

Get expert care from professionals who understand your needs as a woman and athlete. From pelvic floor issues to discomfort during sex, we've been there too. We don't accept these problems as common. As rehab and fitness experts who are also athletes, we know there's more to address than just kegels.

pelvic health
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Pelvic Floor Care for The Female Athlete

Because Having Babies & Raising Kids is More Than A Full Time Job… It is a Sport!

The pelvic floor is essential for every individual, including athletes, yet many are unaware of its significance as part of the core. Prioritizing pelvic health is a key factor in preventing or overcoming discomfort throughout the body and unlocking your full athletic potential, regardless of your sport or activity.

Pregnancy &
Postpartum Care

Chiropractic & Pelvic Floor Therapy

Our experts help you navigate the changes that occur to your core and pelvic floor so that you navigate pregnancy and postpartum without pain or dysfunction, feel prepared for labor and delivery, and are set up for optimal healing afterward. 

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Nutrition & Pelvic Health

Discover the Intertwined Connection Between Your Pelvic Floor and Gut Health

Your gut and pelvic floor are more connected than you may think. If your gut is unbalanced, it can lead to symptoms like irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. This can ultimately weaken and affect their pelvic floor musclesOn the other hand, if the pelvic floor isn't working well, it can make it harder to have regular bowel movements - leading to constipation, not fully emptying the bowels, or trouble controlling when you need to go. 


Getting help from a healthcare provider who understands both can make a big difference in solving these problems and feeling better overall.



Danielle N

Dr. Jocelyn was referred to me by a friend when I was really struggling 8 months into my postpartum recovery. I had gone to another pelvic floor therapist after having the baby and their focus was just on kegels, which didn't really help at all. Dr. Jocelyn gets to the root of the issue and focuses on building back strength in all the areas that support pelvic floor. She also integrates proper breathing (I had to relearn how to breath after the baby compressed my lungs!) She is so great about clearly explaining the exercises so that I am doing them correctly - even virtually, I'm only a month in and am already seeing some improvements after struggling and feeling very frustrated with my body. I would highly, highly recommend Dr. Jocelyn.

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