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Meet The Vagina Docs

Who & What are The Vagina Docs?

Empowering Pelvic Floor Wellness, One Vagina at a Time

At The Vagina Docs, we ignite a movement.

Our mission transcends the care we provide; it's a call to illuminate the silenced realms of women's health—those whispered, ignored, or belittled.

Many endure, told 'it's normal' or 'it's age.' Yet, we reject this narrative.

No costly medications, no unnecessary surgeries.

Instead, we wield methods that empower, granting not just treatment solutions, but self-healing wisdom. We're architects of restoration, embracing holistic, multidimensional paths that unearth roots, not mask symptoms.

This isn't just healthcare; it's a rally cry, a transformation.

With us, you're not just a patient—you're a healer, a beacon in our shared journey.


Welcome to The Vagina Docs, where you become a Vagina Doc yourself.

Dr. Jordan Odle

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Jordan joined the Vagina Docs as co-owner in 2023. Prior to this, she was the founder of Transcend Wellness Chiropractic. Dr. Jordan central focuses are gut health and core reconnection through optimizing one's brain health. She examines and treats each person as whole, enabling her patients to experience optimal and wholehearted healing.

Her practice incorporates the structural chiropractic side as well as advanced Nutrition. Given that there are three main things that affect our physiology; Physical, Chemical, and Emotional/Spiritual ailments, she sees the potential for all three to be a factor in the cause of a patient's pain or bodily interferences. 

Overall, she aims to help people reach their health goals whether that is to be pain free, have better performance in a sport, or help correct their nutritional needs.  She is a proud dog mom to her French Bull Dog, Billie, and enjoys reading, dancing, working out, and spending time in nature. 

Dr. Jordan, Chiropractor
Dr. Jocelyn, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Dr. Jocelyn Connolly

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Jocelyn, founded the Vagina Doc in 2019 and is the co-owner of The Vagina Docs alongside Dr. Jordan Odle. Dr. Jocelyn is a doctor of physical therapy earning her Bachelor's of Science in 2013 from Pennsylvania State University and Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2017 from Washington University in St. Louis. 


Jocelyn has dedicated her professional career to revolutionizing the delivery of women's healthcare through top-notch clinical care, community education, and collaboration opportunities with others in the health & wellness space.

She is the co-host of the podcast, Real Talk With The Vagina Docs, a podcast that talks about taboo topics surrounding pelvic floor health.  She is a proud dog mom to her Blue Heeler, Louie, and enjoys hiking, dancing, and working out in a Crossfit gym.

Do What You Love

Without Pelvic Pain Holding You Back

As a lifelong athlete herself with pelvic floor dysfunction, she understands the unique needs of other highly active women. She understands the frustration of hearing advice that is well intentioned but misguided from incomplete understanding around female biomechanics and physiology. She believes in creating new ways for female athletes to participate in their sport/activity rather than giving the advice, “Stop doing…[CrossFit, Running, Weight lifting, etc...].”

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