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Rediscover Your Strength, Reclaim Your Confidence

A Comprehensive Postpartum Healing Guide for Embracing Recovery, Rediscovering Strength, and Thriving in Motherhood.

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What's In The Guide...

  • Anatomy 101 + What You Need to Know About Your Pelvic Floor

  • Physical Impact of Pregnancy & Childbirth

  • The Role of Pelvic Health Rehabilitation in Restoring Your Quality of Life

  • Nutrition for Optimal Healing 

  • Postpartum Healing Timeline for Exercise Training

Kristin V

"...She was thorough with the work to do in between visits and really cared about your progress. You can tell they are both passionate about their work and I would definitely recommend them to anyone."

Megan G

"...Work with Jocelyn has absolutely transformed my life. I have gone from totally dismayed and demoralized, feeling like my body was betraying me and that I would never be able to pursue my potential, to being able to start tapping into what is possible."

Mariah N

"...She understood what I was going through and gave me hope I wouldn’t have to “accept” these symptoms as normal. Working with her has given me a new perspective on how to approach movement. I wish I had found her earlier before I got pregnant but am thankful to be working with her now."
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