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Olympic Weight Lifting Seminar

Master Core Connection & Speed to PR Your Next Lift...

In This Seminar We Will Cover...

Who Should Attend This Seminar...

  • Individuals who attend functional fitness classes (e.g., CrossFit) who want to improve weightlifting technique to avoid injury and improve performance.

  • Individuals who want to learn drills to improve weight lifting mechanics. 

  • Individuals who want to improve core connection during weightlifting.

  • Individuals who want to improve speed during weightlifting.





Olympic weightlifting positional breakdown and drills



Small group breakouts


Putting it all together


Coach Melissa Patriquin, CF-L3

Specializes in breaking down olympic weightlifting movements seen in Crossfit to improve performance and reduce injury. 

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Dr. Jocelyn Connolly, PT

Expert in diagnosing and correcting deep and outer core-related issues seen in olympic lifts. 


Dr. Jordan Odle

Sports Neurology Chiropractor

Secializes in brain-body connection to help optimize athletes movement during olympic weightlifting. 


How is this seminar different than attending regular class? 

In class, we only have a short amount of time to cover basics on the movements seen in the workout. In this seminar, we will be going over the technique in depth. Additionally the focus of this seminar is diagnosing technique impairments as it relates to neuromuscular recruitment. Coach Melissa, Dr. Jocelyn, and Dr. Jordan put their heads together to help you learn top down and bottom up strategies that will transform your olympic lifts. 


Can I attend the seminar if I am pregnant?

As long as you are cleared to exercise, you can attend the seminar if you are pregnant. In fact, we encourage it!


Is this seminar different than going to a class specific for OLY?

Yes. The breakout drills led by Dr. Jocelyn and Dr. Jordan are drills you will not see during your OLY class but they will help you make the most of each OLY class. 


I recently had a baby. Am I safe to attend the seminar?

If you were cleared to return to exercise by your birth team, yes. If you have not had your postpartum follow up yet, contact Dr. Jocelyn via email ( or text (480-980-0367) before signing up.


I can’t attend the in-person seminar. Will it be recorded? 

This seminar will not be recorded. Let us know so we can contact you when we have a recorded version available!

I am a member at Back Alley Fitness. Can I pay for the seminar through Wodify?

Because the seminar is only being hosted at Back Alley Fitness, you cannot pay for the seminar through Wodify. 

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